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8 Things Learnt By (Very) Young App Founders of MiBRAND Mobile App

Salvatore Barras (21) and partner Kyri Ioulianou (19) have spent the past year developing the MiBRAND mobile app, which was recently acquired. Here are 8 things they have learnt along the way.

1. Strong Mindset

Steve Jobs used to speak about how the ones who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are usually the ones that are.

Your subconscious is a powerful thing, we like to think of it as a garden, what you reap you shall sow.

The same way your business will be a product of your mindset. Not having a strong belief in your work will reflect. If there’s one thing all successful people throughout the course of history could agree on, we’re sure it’s that.

”A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes”.

- Mahatma Gandhi

2. No Lottery Tickets

People see movies about notable entrepreneurs and get this idea that success happens overnight. Nobody gets to see the long hours, heartache, and sacrifice. In business; a lottery ticket is one in a billion.

Do not waste time waiting for this to come along, rather focus on building with small steps. Every victory and every failure shall be a brick in your castle.

3. Focus On Goals

A man without goals can be compared to a ship without navigation systems. It’s probably never going to leave the harbour. Having a goal and a strong focus on that goal is essential.

How can you achieve anything without knowing what it is you want to achieve.

A vague goal will not hold up when you need to turn to something for motivation, you need to be able to see it as if you already have it. And make sure it’s something you’re passionate about – which lead’s the next lesson we learnt.

4. Be Passionate

Any entrepreneur will tell you, the going will get tough, and when it does get tough you need a strong motivation to push through that difficult time.

Only a crazy person would stick through the heart ache and not be passionate about it. You will eat, sleep, and breathe your business – make sure it’s something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

5. The Pursuit Of Perfection

We find it very intriguing how when a new car is released – it looks great. It’s hard to try picture them releasing anything more aesthetically pleasing.

Yet a year goes by and the facelift comes out – then that previous model looks a lot less pleasing. R&D never ends, no matter how good you think your product is there will always be space to improve it.

6. Understand Strengths and Weaknesses

Honesty with yourself is very important. You need to know your worth, your strengths and faults. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and other peoples’ opinions but at the end of the day you’re the only one that knows where your value lies. The others aren’t sitting there with you those late hours at the office as you toil for perfection.

Being an entrepreneur can turn into a cold and lonely journey, people will not understand the dedication and sacrifice for your art. Your relationships will take strain and people will never truly see your vision, until you make it a reality. Block out the opinions and focus on the end goal.

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